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Best Litigation Lawyers in Mumbai, India

Lawyers for Bombay High Court

Undoubtedly, it could be difficult to chose from a battery of lawyers for Bombay High Court. However, to safeguard your interests you should try to consult with the best lawyers for Bombay High Court.

We at Legaleye Associates have an active litigation practice. Unquestionably, litigation is our forte.

Litigation Lawyers in Mumbai

Firstly, our litigation lawyers are quick and have sound legal acumen. Also, we are different in our approach, our approach is simple and easy to understand. Our lawyers are set apart by their understanding of complexities and ground realities. Obviously, this helps them to foresee the practical issues involved and take steps to overcome them considerably. Moreover, with strong network and relationships, we keep ourselves abreast with the local laws. Indeed, top quality client servicing is a crucial differentiator. Besides, we also provide regular guidance and update. Moreover, our legal experts research and deliver cogent arguments to ensure that our clients’ interests are well-represented. We attend various Courts and tribunals, and represent clients in a wide range of matters. Needless to state, we are active in handling matters on both the appellate side and the Original side of the Bombay High Court.

Civil Litigation is a dense field and encompasses a wide array of matters, some examples of cases that we deal with routinely are

– Challenge to state actions and notices issued by state machineries etc;

– Civil disputes, writ petitions, appeals etc;

– Domestic and International Contractual and breach of contract disputes;

– Corporate and commercial disputes;

– Breach of Contracts, enforcement of contracts, summary suits and suits for declaration and injunctions;

– Real estate and property disputes;

– Suits for recoveries, specific performance and breach of contracts;

– Family and matrimonial disputes;

– Employment related matters;

– Environmental matters;

– Suits and applications seeking urgent interim reliefs and stay;

– Public Interest Litigation;

-Testamentary and intestate matters;

– Intellectual property rights matters;

– Admiralty matters;

– International Trade Disputes.

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