At Legaleye Associates, we advise and assist Client’s on domestic, foreign and international commercial arbitration and arbitration related litigation. The firm is into arbitration practice covering various disciplines of commercial arbitration seated in India and abroad. We are regarded as one of the best arbitration law firm in Mumbai, India. Arbitration and dispute resolution is our forte and one of the core areas of our practice. We have vast experience of over 15 years in advising and handling not only domestic, foreign and international commercial arbitration, but also, related litigation. We have experience in handling complex arbitration’s involving multi jurisdictions.

We are regarded as one of the best arbitration Lawyers in India for conducting arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, LCIA, SIAC. We advise clients on invoking arbitration, appointment of arbitrators, seeking urgent interim reliefs, representing Client’s before the Arbitral Tribunals with regards to disputes arising out of agreements containing an arbitration clause, advising clients on the appropriate seat/ venue of arbitration, advising on choice of procedural and substantive laws, and, enforcement and challenge of domestic and international arbitral awards, drafting and vetting of arbitration clauses etc.

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